Night Bird Freestyle

by Savage Green

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This track came somewhere in the midst of the verses for Killitol. It's still bar heavy, but it leans much more towards my conscious side than anything. Its speaks about finding strength and drive in adversity.
NOTE* I stole this beat off of youtube as well.


A tortured soul with a microphone
tortured by my own light
and what it means for me to acknowledge my night sky is shining bright
trying to seduce me with those devil eyes
level heads prevail but I cant much say the same FOR MINE
I'll pay the price
or they'll try and catch me on my swipe
I'll get to that when it happens
though right now I'm just tryina find my peace of mind and balance
promptly followed by challenge
so I can focus my prowess
change my life and turn my home into a palace
It ain't the point to have gold
but when you gold and you know it
you tend to take a drop of rain and turn it to an ocean
Mole hill into a mountain
Ocean into a fountain
Mountain into a monument
to document how I been
Strugglin since the day I was born
Not fallin back but at the front pushin tryin to move forward
and I'll keep pushin
even if my muscles are torn
cause I got no other option I'm makin a path for mty spawn
that's why I'm grindin so hard
I gotta know in my heart
that how I'm doin it will undoubtedly take me far
I got too much on the line to watch it all fall apart
and when the sun isn't shining you gotta look to the stars
so I look to the stars and I swear I can see my shot up
so I sit and stare and wonder how long I got up there
Mind in the cosmos I'm out of this atmosphere
until those little devil eyes settle on me and make me swerve
But fear not I still walk when I'm not run-in
I never stop though I slow down to enjoy the momentary scenery
burnin bush and we smoking trees
if beauty is in the eye then I see beauty in everything
plenty to love in life but when that struggle turn my love to fear
that's the demon inside of me letting me know that he still here
trying to shake my faith and confidence
but actually accomplishin the opposite
I'm stronger when I know my demon watchin
Prayin for a soul to prey on
while I pray that he stay at bay
play my cards right and black jack on some ace of spades
some say its chance
others think I'm runnin the game
with how much effort and dedication I put into this I should say the same
and you don't know my name yet, but you will
my skill is sick enough to transform your hunting grounds into my killing fields
my flow is cold enough to make your fire chill
and I might be white but when I rap I make hopsin look like Dr. Phil
and that's about as real as I can make it
I'm rapping circles 'round an opportunity I haven't taken
so consider this a declaration of my dedication
I sincerely swear to spit until my resignation
I'm the king


released March 12, 2017
Beat by The Moderator
lyrics by Savage Green




Savage Green Cheyenne, Wyoming

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