by Savage Green

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This is the first "real" track I recorded after "The Some of All". This song is actually 3 different verses I wrote on separate occasions all mushed together on a Kato track I stole off youtube. Written at a time in my life where I started to shed light on other areas of hip hop besides the conscious aspect. I realized that I needed to be a well rounded emcee. I needed to be more aggressive. So with that I give you Killitol.


Verse 1
I cross the border between man and a machine
I keep myself awake at night cause I'm afraid to dream
I've never seen the images created by my circuitry
and I'm sure the worst has yet to come so I'm afraid of sleep
I keep my friends close cause I don't know my enemies
I'm sure that I'm in someone's scope, when life gives you a lemon, squeeze
Getting that juice constantly
on my grind, eventually
it'll be the death of me
Future tense, passed the methods we practice like it was weed
Savage Green I'll kill it like it was tryin to kill me
Only one of us walks away and I won't even feel guilty
murder this beat, go to the funeral and merk its family
I cant be stopped it's like I'm more than just a man
I'm an eyedea, the holy grail of rap
You should just forget me
cause when you remember it'll be like deja vu with that sensi
mia I toke it up and roll it tight like it was sexy
burn it down and toss that roach at the next beat
Kill it all day like it was a game
Spawn another pawn it's slain
from dusk till dawn like I had fangs
No faggy twilight shit tho
we go tarantino all the way
I'll be rocking those blood and guts until I'm old and grey
and that ain't no gangsta shit
I don't rock a 9 or a deuce
I keep my head high and I only merk in a booth
I'm all that in a bag of chips
mixed with witty adages
my raps are too hot for contact leave yo ass in bandages
Damage is critical
minimal talent wasted
Concentrate on me and you'll sere that I'm made of stars like constellations
Got this rap game waitin but I'm losing patience quickly
I'm on that no bullshit diet and I follow it strictly

Verse 2
I'm losing it, but that would imply that I had it once
I lost my mind now all I got left is rappers tongue
I'm not the fastestbut I'm blastin some
and actin like elastic
cause I'm snappin on these other rappers actin dumb
I'm crossin lines like I'm writing vertically on the page
Venom in my verses I'm letting carnage out of the cage
Marvel at my greatness cause I'm killin this shit every day
Rap rearranged the very core structure of my DNA
Mutated versions of sick ass verses
my verbs are so versatile that I'm not even considered a person
I'm a savage
I'll take your beat and kill it like it's dead to me
everything dies and my time will come eventually
Until then I'll probably have a price on my head
with this rope around my neck I live my life on the edge
with my voice upon this mic I'll probably write till I'm dead
I got no choice yo this my life and I recite with the best
My words are cutting deep it's like a knife in the chest
keep on rollin the dice you gunna find out what's next
Success blessed it's best not to test me unless
you're tryina get fucked up homie I go Weapon X
They tellin me "Savage you should probably give it a rest"
But fuck that Ima kill it like I killed all rest
No sleep, stayin up like we havin sex
This is my time and my grind is fucking intense
I'm makin love to this beat like we're sleeping together
I'll shake the earth when I speak and create diamonds from this pressure
I don't burn from the heat in fact the hotter the better
and If you're burnin with me then this ganja bring us together

Verse 3
Yo, my flow is sicker than twisted visions of hitler
Fuck murderin this beat homie I do it bigger
I got Genocidal flow
so maniacal
mind of a tyrant
trapped in a lyrical giant
smashing these rappers for lyin
I'll rip the stars out the sky
to prove that you got no shine
My bars don't even have to rhyme
for me to prove that I'm the sickest rapper alive
I'm doin everything like it's the last day of my life
I'm goin harder than I have to just to prove that I'm right
left to write all of this without a beat or even a mic
I don't need a hook cause I already got it all the line
Ya'll just floaters waiting patiently for your time
while I go and I get mine
with a flow like a tech nine
I'm bad to the bone and I get high
prone to zone and space out
like I'm floatin in infinite blackness
all they can hear when I spit is a savage
I'm passed the point of bein passive
massive presence passion blastin past em
like the flash and I think like a man of action
Other rappers just reactin mad cause I got what they lackin
I caught em slackin
Give me an opportunity what the fuck did you think would happen


released March 8, 2017
Produced by kato
Lyrics by Savage Green




Savage Green Cheyenne, Wyoming

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